The second annual International Disability Rights Affirmation Conference was held Friday August 3rd and Saturday August 4th 2012, in Second Life®.  The theme of the 2012 conference was “A Community of Communities.”

A person with a disability or chronic health condition is a member of multiple communities. Some communities are unique to the disabling condition. Other communities relate to personal interests, employment, socialization, religion, living arrangements, or geographic location.

Persons with disabilities can be fully functioning community members, given appropriate accommodations when needed. However, despite increasing legal protections ensuring community access and participation, significant barriers to equal access for persons with disabilities still exist.

The 2012 International Disability Rights Affirmation Conference examined different perspectives about communities that are of interest to persons with disabilities. Presentations drawing from the history of the disability movement provided background to an exploration of philosophical and technical considerations related to community formation.

A full description of topics and presenters is posted here, in the Virtual Ability blog.

A video of the session with Second Life founder Philip Rosedale is posted to You Tube, thanks to Metaverse Broadcasting Company!

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